Buffy is the last Slayer or is she? | ARC Review: Slayer by Kiersten White

Buffy is the last Slayer or is she? | ARC Review: Slayer by Kiersten White


Buffy is the last Slayer or is she? | ARC Review: Slayer by Kiersten White



Into every generation a Slayer is born…

Nina and her twin sister, Artemis, are far from normal. It’s hard to be when you grow up at the Watcher’s Academy, which is a bit different from your average boarding school. Here teens are trained as guides for Slayers—girls gifted with supernatural strength to fight the forces of darkness. But while Nina’s mother is a prominent member of the Watcher’s Council, Nina has never embraced the violent Watcher lifestyle. Instead she follows her instincts to heal, carving out a place for herself as the school medic.

Until the day Nina’s life changes forever.

Thanks to Buffy, the famous (and infamous) Slayer that Nina’s father died protecting, Nina is not only the newest Chosen One—she’s the last Slayer, ever. Period.

As Nina hones her skills with her Watcher-in-training, Leo, there’s plenty to keep her occupied: a monster fighting ring, a demon who eats happiness, a shadowy figure that keeps popping up in Nina’s dreams…

But it’s not until bodies start turning up that Nina’s new powers will truly be tested—because someone she loves might be next.

One thing is clear: Being Chosen is easy. Making choices is hard.

Should You read Slayer by Kiersten White?

Of all the awful things demons do, keeping Latin alive when it deserves to be a dead language might be the worst.
To say nothing of ancient Sumerian. And ancient Sumerian translated into Latin? Diabolic..

Did someone say book hangover? ’cause I have an epic book hangover after reading Slayer by Kiersten White.

I watched Buffy the Vampire Slayer (the TV show) years after it ended its season run and I have little memory of it. Slayer by Kiersten White picks up where Buffy ended. No, you don’t really need to watch the tv show and to those of you who love Buffy but haven’t read Slayer yet, I want to warn you that there’s some Buffy hate for the most part of the book..for good reasons ..but fear not, the hate doesn’t stay for long. Now without further ado, let’s start this review:

First, let me tell you what’s it about. Buffy Summers, the last Slayer, had torn the world in half when she destroyed the Seeds of Wonder, which was the source of all magic on Earth. No Seeds mean No magic which also means No more Slayers. The Watchers powers’ have also dwindled along with many other losses during the apocalypse.

Athena or Nina, our protagonist, has beef with Buffy not only because of the apocalypse but because of the fact that she has a shell of a family now. Her father was Buffy’s watcher – her protector and guide- and he’s dead because of her. Her mother is cold and indifferent towards Nina since her father died and life as she knew has never been the same. Nina lives in a special boarding school called The Watcher’s Academy(or it used to be) with her twin sister Artemis and her friends Rhys, Jade, Imogen, some children and other watchers. She is the castle medic and is constantly ignored by her mother who allegedly favors her sister Artemis. The last thing Nina needs is to find out that she’s a Slayer and the last Slayer ever to exist. Nina doesn’t know anything about being a Slayer except the fact that she can kill a hellhound with her bare hands. Any physical training that she should have received was given to her twin Artemis. Nina is a healer not a fighter..a hunter and she’ll be soon glad for her skills.

So don’t let being a Slayer define you.

You define being a Slayer.

Even though it’s a spin off of the famous TV show and it could have sucked badly..but it didn’t. Kiersten White took a familiar and quite popular world and built an unique story upon it. I loved the pace of the book and the thrill accompanied with every time I turned a page or finished a chapter. The twists and turns were served with perfectly timed comedic and witty dialogues.

“We know it’s a demon.”
“Right, but it’s wearing a fecking Coldplay shirt. How evil can something wearing a Coldplay shirt be?”

The story is centered around Athena(Nina) and the author perfectly displays her weaknesses, strengths, doubts, fears, frustrations. Athena had trained her entire life to be a healer and we see her internal struggle as she tries to balance her healer’s instincts with her newly developed hunter’s instincts. I also loved the other characters namely Rhys and his boyfriend Cillian, Leo(*sobs*) and even a yellow skin coloured Demon called Doug.

The only reason I wouldn’t rate it 5 stars is because I found Athena’s struggles, her journey to becoming a Slayer..too time consuming. Once you get over that part, I got real comfortable and finished the book in a day ..at 3 a.m…while sobbing and saying, “Why? Why would you do that to me?” and the reason of my epic book hangover was not the cliffhanger but it was the death of one of my favourite characters..but fear not, I’ll persevere and will manage to get through Book 2 aptly named Chosen.

Overall, I highly recommend this book if you love Buffy, stabby books, books by Kiersten White..which are all stabby I guess? nevermind..umm, also if you love cool demons that’ll get you (fictional, alas) backstage passes to Coldplay, awesome friends, cool twin sister..then, GO STAB imean GO PICKUP THE BOOK NOW!

Thanks to the publisher for providing me an ARC in exchange for an honest review.


Author: Connect with Author Kiersten White here.

  • Publisher: Simon & Schuster UK
  • Publication Date: 21st February , 2019
  • Paperback: 416 Pages
Slayer by Kiersten White

Will you read Slayer by Kiersten White? If you have read it, then let me know if you liked it or not. Let me know your thoughts in the comments below!

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