Five audiobooks to keep you company till Bridgerton season 2 comes out

Hi everyone! Love it or hate it, but everyone still wants to watch Bridgerton and it will be in no time that we see season 2 gracing our screens. To keep you company, I’ve compiled a list of five romance audiobooks that you can listen to! All you need to do is download the Storytel app.

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Interview with a #bookstagrammer: Fathima Aashab

Hi everyone! Today’s post is a bit different from my usual ones as you know-if you’re a regular reader of my posts- that I post book reviews mostly. If you ever wanted to chat with a bookstagrammer who’s also a self-published writer then, let me introduce you to Fathima Ashab(@fathima.ashab)!

I interviewed Fathima a while ago and am so thankful for her thoughtful answers to my questions! She posts informative and entertaining Instagram reels(and videos) about topics like reading, content creation, book recommendations, etc. Please give her follow her blog a follow and you can find her book Hold Me While I Fix Myself on Amazon.

Here’s what she had to say about a normal day in her life, why book content creators should be paid, three things she would like to change about the book community and lots more!!

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