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I’m on Instagram as well and can help host cover reveals and giveaways. I have over 13K followers and love to take photos of books. Some of my latest posts can be seen in the sidebar and by clicking on any of the images(or, the logo above the image) will take you to my Instagram feed.

Please reach out to me at if you’d like to collaborate with me on a giveaway or a cover reveal. Genres I’m interested in are Young Adult and Adult Contemporary, Fantasy, Romance, Science-Fi, Women’s fiction.

Please Note:

  • For Giveaways, I would very much prefer if the criteria is INTERNATIONAL as I am an international reader myself(I’m currently based in India) and would love to give readers outside US/UK/AUS/NZ equal opportunities at getting new releases. You can also use websites like Book Depository,, and of course, Amazon to ship your books. All of them, to my knowledge, have free international delivery(with some exceptions). However, if circumstances still prevent you from posting internationally, then I will certainly understand.
  • For Giveaways, I don’t NEED a physical copy as I can photoshop a high resolution cover onto a different book. However, the giveaway prize provided by YOU(author/publisher/agent) must be a physical copy.
  • While I love to host COVER REVEALS and GIVEAWAYS, I would still require a compensation which you can pay through Paypal. It takes a lot of time to do the following things: Take a photo, then edit it, extra time to photoshop a cover and then edit the cover so that it doesn’t look out of place. After that, I need to think of captions and promote the post not only on Instagram but on Twitter and Facebook. For a giveaway, sometimes the entries cross over 500 and then I need to sort through each and every comment to make sure they’ve followed the rules..after which, I choose a winner.

I hope I could clarify the HOWs and WHYs of my Bookstagram Collaboration process. Feel free to send me an email at with the subject line ” BOOKSTAGRAM COLLABORATION”. Of course, you can also reach out to me if you just want me to review the book!

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