Five audiobooks to keep you company till Bridgerton season 2 comes out

Five romance audiobooks to keep you company till Bridgerton season 2 comes out

Hi everyone! Love it or hate it, but everyone still wants to watch Bridgerton and it will be in no time that we see season 2 gracing our screens. To keep you company, I’ve compiled a list of five romance audiobooks that you can listen to! All you need to do is download the Storytel app.

What is Storytel?

Storytel is an audiobook app where you can listen to over 2 million audiobooks and ebooks. It works with all smartphones and has an offline function that makes it possible to listen to audiobooks even when there’s no internet connection.

Audiobooks are an ingenious creation because I barely had the time to pick up a physical book these days. Storytel attracted me because of its affordability and accessibility. For a month’s subscription, I only need to pay Rs 299, and for three months, Rs 799, and the fantastic thing is that with this price, I can access every audiobook and ebook available on the Storytel app. A month’s subscription to Storytel will give you access to any audiobook at the mere price of a single paperback.

Why should you sign-up for Storytel right away?

Besides its affordability and massive catalogue, Storytel has many unique features like the sleep timer, audiobooks in multiple local languages, and add your own bookmark! To add a bookmark to your audiobook, follow my instructions below. Open the audiobook you want in the Storytel app, click on the bookmark button which lies on the bottom right-hand corner of your screen(image below), and voila! you have added your bookmark.

How do you add a bookmark

this is your bookmarks tab
in the bookmarks, you can also add notes

Storytel’s audiobook narrators do a brilliant job of setting the scene and they also have some of my favourite celebrity narrators narrating some of my favourite books. And, speaking of affordability.. you can sign-up for the Storytel app for 90 days at Rs 375 only! Use this link to sign up for this limited-period offer!

In this post, I’ll be sharing with you some of my favorite historical romance audiobooks that are available on the Storytel app. Although I shall grieve Regé-Jean Page’s presence, I’m excited to watch Anthony and Kate Sharma’s love story unfold on screen. Without any further ado, here are FIVE audiobooks you should listen to fill the massive Bridgerton void in your heart:

  1. The Viscount Who Loved Me by Julia Quinn: Of course, I had to recommend this book even though it’s pretty ridiculous but we all need a good laugh right now and laugh, you will!

2. The Duchess Deal by Tessa Dare: I absolutely love Tessa Dare’s books and this tortured, grumpy hero and sunshine romance is a must-read(err.. hear)!

3. A Week to be Wicked by Tessa Dare(again!): So, again this historical romance is so over-the-top and wrong in so many ways but fans of The Viscount Who Loved Me will love it!

4. A Wicked Bargain for the Duke by Megan Frampton: The plot is pretty similar to The Viscount Who Loved Me, only there’s a duke in here.

5. Devil’s Daughter by Lisa Kleypas: Last but definitely not least…I recommend you listen to Devils’s Daughter. I love Lisa Kleypas’s books so much and Devil’s Daughter is the story of Sebastian or Lord St. Vincent(from Devil in Winter)’s daughter!

How to download Storytel?

Both android and iOS users can download Storytel. Clicking on the buttons below will take to straight to the download page!

Thank you so much for reading! I hope you enjoyed reading about my experience of using the Storytel app. Have you tried Storytel before? Let me know in the comments below.

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