Netflix Adaptations and me.. let’s talk about the upcoming adaptation of Julia Quinn’s The Duke and I

Netflix Adaptations and me.. let's talk about the upcoming adaptation of Julia Quinn's The Duke and I

Hello everyone! Lately, I haven’t felt like blogging and have been putting all my energy into my Instagram(and reading some). Now that finals are over, I really wanna kick procrastination’s a** , so here I am. This blog post – i am hoping – will be the start of a series of posts where I talk about TV shows or movies I’m excited about.

The Diabolical Bones
(Brontë Sisters Mystery #2)
by Bella Ellis


Duke Simon Basset is an introvert and needs someone to make all “matchmaking mamma’s” to go away. Daphne is tired of failed courtships and wants to find love like her parents. The solution to both of their problems: fake engagement.

Netflix trailer reaction & my thoughts after re-reading

*spoilers ahead*

I don’t remember what my initial reaction to The Duke and I was, but I can guess that it was BAD. However, not EVERYTHING was bad. Here are a couple of moments/characters I loved:

  1. The Bridgerton family!
  2. The moment when the Duke, Simon met Daphne
  3. I loved the chemistry between Simon and Daphne, before their marriage

Daphne’s character falls victim to the good old “she’s not like other girls” syndrome. Initially, she comes off as an intelligent, bold heroine but as the story progresses, every bit of her charm, wit and intelligence diminishes. How sheltered is she that she doesn’t know how babies are made? She has 4 brothers..and I’m sure all the footmen and maids escaping at odd periods of time would have satiated her curiosity.

Then there’s Simon. He’s a DD. Deplorable Duke. After stopping a duel, Daphne agrees to marry Simon even after he confesses that he can’t give Daphne children. However, there’s a twist. Ladies & gentlemen, this jacka*# of a duke meant otherwise. It’s not that he’s infertile but he deliberately chose not to father any children. When Daphne figures this out after they have sex one day, Simon is like..Oh, I warned you babe. don’t you remember? Weeell, english language is complicated you know.. mayhaps,you just mistook my words //shrugs//

There’s also quite a number of times Simon says that he owns Daphne. She’s HIS. WTF?!

Then there was one..One scene where Simon comes home drunk. This scene happens after he confesses to Daphne that his father is the reason he won’t have children. He wants the Hastings line to die with him. After Daphne takes drunk Simon to bed..she wakes him up later in the night or early in the morning to have sex. Simon is happy, of course, and not so drunk.. but during climax as he goes to pull out of Daphne, she doesn’t let him. As she’s on top so she’s got the leverage and inspite of Simon telling her to stop, she doesn’t.

Simon leaves after this scene as his stutter returns. And, nobody ever talk about this? Daphne is like okay..imma live with my baby. Not going to think about the time I continued to have sex even when my husband said no. Simon returns home and everything’s fine now.. he loves her too and wants her to have babies. They live Happily Ever After.

Where is the communication? Where’s the grovelling? The talk about consent? For two individuals who claim to be smart, intelligent, worldly, this was truly a disappointment.

With that said, I’m still looking forward to the Netflix adaptation titled BRIDGERTON which will air on 25th December. I already see one change from the book in the trailer itself(the meeting scene) and it’s a bummer as I liked it. I really hope there are some major changes added to the story as I really did not enjoy (re-)reading it. I loved the visuals of the trailer and the cast!

In my next blog post, I will share my thoughts on book two The Viscount Who Loved Me. I’ll probably post it after the first episode airs and then include a comparison of the book vs the show.

What do you think? Have you read The Bridgertons? Have you seen the trailer? I’d love to hear your thoughts in the comments below! 

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