COVER REVEAL: An Heir Comes to Rise, written by C.C. Peñaranda

An Heir Comes to Rise, written by C.C. Peñaranda

Today I’m excited to participate in the cover reveal of An Heir Comes to Rise by C.C. Peñaranda! Fans of A Court of Thorns & Roses and Red Queen will enjoy this first instalment in a gripping new fantasy series that portrays the unbreakable strength of friendship, the struggle for honor, and the ache of sacrifice. An Heir Comes to Rise releases on February 25th, 2021!

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An Heir Comes to Rise, written by C.C. Peñaranda


Title: An Heir Comes to Rise
Author:  C.C. Peñaranda
An Heir Comes To Rise #1
Publishing Date:  February 25, 2021
Cover Designer:
Cover Illustrator: @alicemariapower
Genres: Young Adult Fantasy

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In a clash of steel, a mortal body may fall. But in a clash of dreams, a powerful heir may rise.

In the impoverished outer town of a kingdom where fae outrank humans, Faythe, an orphan with a talent for swordplay, knows the importance of keeping her head down around the fae patrol. She and best friend Jakon long for a better life, and her desire to swing her sword in combat may bring the purpose and coin she’s yearned for.

When she draws the attention of royal guard Nik, she soon learns that her mortal nature isn’t the only reason to remain out of sight. Nik is a Nightwalker, a silent assassin of the mind with the power to enter others’ dreams, and whether she trusts him or not, he’s about to awaken abilities in Faythe that shouldn’t exist in a human. Nightmarish abilities. Deadly abilities. Abilities that will teach Faythe blood really does run thicker than water…and if she doesn’t trust in higher powers soon, blood will run indeed.

For this is no battle Faythe can fight with steel. Within the city walls, suspicions are arising, and here in the outer town she has deeper bonds to protect. It seems everyone will die with a dark secret to tell, but what if one unlikely human girl was born harboring the darkest secret of all…? Fans of A COURT OF THORNS AND ROSES and RED QUEEN will enjoy this first instalment in a gripping new fantasy series that portrays the unbreakable strength of friendship, the struggle for honor, and the ache of sacrifice.

A note from the Author about the cover:

The cover is very special to me. I always knew I wanted an illustration that would portray the main character, Faythe, and hopefully draw the reader in to want to find out more about her and embark on the difficult journey of self-discovery and acceptance with her. I couldn’t have come across a more perfect and talented individual than Alice Maria Power for this illustration. My vision for this cover came to life in a vivid way that well surpassed my expectations and I hope readers enjoy the incredible artwork on this cover and others in the series to come. Also, Beck Michaels at whimsy book cover graphics did a fantastic job on the title designing. You can show your support to Alice and Beck on Instagram! @alicemariapower @whimsybookcovers

International Cover Reveal Giveaway!

Head over to my Instagram account to enter the cover reveal giveaway where 3 lucky readers will win eARCs of An Heir Comes to Rise! (And check the hashtag #AnHeirComestoRiseMTMC to get in more entries!)

About C.C. Peñaranda:

C.C. Peñaranda

Blood and Honor is the debut new adult high fantasy fae novel for Miranda Lyn. She grew up smack dab in the middle of the United States with nothing to do but dream up stories of fantastical creatures and powerful heroines. Now married with three children of her own, an idea sparked a buried passion within her to follow a dream and teach her children that anything is possible if you’re willing to work hard for it.

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