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My Magical Readathon TBR | First Year, Gryffindor House

My Magical Readathon TBR | First Year, Gryffindor House

I heard about the Magical Readathon last year and even though it sounded fun, I couldn’t participate. However, this year I have the time to participate and hopefully pass my O.W.L.s. I will probably be updating everyone on my O.W.Ls on Instagram as I basically live on there but I wanted an “accountability” post here on my blog.

The readathon has already started and I definitely think you can hop in if you want. It’s a month long readathon hosted by Book Roast, and you can checkout all the details on this website. It’s simple: Choose a career, or two(at first) and then you look at the subjects a.k.a the prompts. Make sure to download the prompts list and/or write them down.

Mind Medic and Magizoologist are the two careers I’ve chosen for now. Come August, I’ll have to decide between the two of them.


  1. Ancient Runes: Heart on the cover or in the title

2. Arithmancy: Read outside your favourite genre

3. Charms: White Cover

4. Defence Against the Dark Arts: Books set at Sea/Coast

5. Herbology: Title starts with M

6. Muggle Studies: Contemporary

7. Potions: Book under 150 pages

8. Transfiguration: Book That includes Shapeshifting


8. Care of Magical Creatures: Creature with a beak on the cover

Are you participating in the magical readathon too? Do you think I’ll be able to pass my O.W.L.s ( I mean, complete my tbr)? If you are participating, then let me know what you plan on reading!


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