Blog Tour | Review: Concerto by Hannah Fielding

Blog Tour | Review: Concerto of Hannah Fielding

Review: Concerto of Hannah Fielding

About the Book: Publisher: London Wall Publishing  Publication Date: 6th June, 2019   Paperback: 560 Pages    Genre: Romance
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From the award winning romance novelist, comes a passionate, slow-burning romance that will have you wanting to move to the continent for an old fashioned holiday romance of pure escapism. 
On a bright morning in Nice, eighteen-year-old aspiring opera singer, Catriona de Vere finds the two-storey reddish-pink bricked house Les Platanes has been sold. Its new occupant and her new neighbour is none other than the celebrated concert pianist, handsome and rude Umberto Rolando Monteverdi.

Fascinated by the hypnotizing piano melodies filtering through her bedroom windows night after night, Catriona cannot hide her growing attraction to her neighbour until his music seduces her into his bed, leaving a trail of unexpected consequences and the sting of betrayal.

Ten years later, having put Umberto out of her mind, Catriona, now a respected musical therapist, is visited by opera diva Calandra, Umberto’s mother, with a dying request to help recover her son’s musical gift after a car accident robbed him of his sight.

Catriona arrives at Umberto’s Palladian mansion on the glittering shores of Lake Como to find him resistant to her every effort. Caught up in the tempestuous intrigues at her client’s estate, Catriona discovers her feelings toward the blind musician are still as strong as ever. Harbouring secrets of her own – can Catriona share what she has hidden from Umberto for the past decade and will she ever be able to break through the darkness that engulfs Umberto?
 A sensual tale of romance and nostalgia, Concerto illustrates the pain of lost love and the heroine determined to put things right.

Should You read Concerto by Hannah Fielding?

First of all, I would like to thank Midas PR for reaching out to me about the blog tour and letting me be a part of it.

Second of all, let’s start with the usual. Let me tell you a bit about the story and then I’ll let you know what I thought of it.

Concerto starts with 18 year old Catriona who has ambitions to become an opera singer and lives an uneventful life in Nice until one day, her quite neighbourbood villa gains itself a new owner. The new owner is none other than Umberto Monteverdi, the son of a famous Opera singer and Catriona’s idol. Catriona is offended by the brusque nature of Umberto but is soon charmed as they meet again and again. Their last meeting -before their lives changed forever- was at an audition where Catriona was one of the contestants and he was the judge. After that momentous night, they wouldn’t meet, not atleast for 10 more years.

flash forward 10 years

Catriona is now a musical therapist and she is contacted by Umberto’s mother because her son needs Catriona’s help now, desperately. It is Umberto’s mother dying wish that her son reach out to the world and start making music again but for that she needs Catriona’s help. Umberto has lost his sight after a car accident and it’s only Catriona who can help him ..try to help him with her musical therapy. However, Umberto is not the only obstacle Catriona must face; she must face telling Umberto a well-kept secret and face its consequences.

I am..well, was *it seems*.. a huge fan of the lovers reuniting after several years trope. However, I felt this book had the promise of being a good romance novel that I could re-read but it wasn’t. For one thing, Catriona felt head over heels in love for Umberto..I mean, I get it ..Italian good lucks, that body, that hair…mmmm..insert PG13 thoughtsbut here, it felt too naive too unreal. I loved the description of Lake Como, even as little there was and Catriona’s love of music. Catriona had great potential to be an Opera star but she had to sacrifice that but she found music in yet another career where she can help others to heal through music, which is frankly incredible. There’s lots of sexual tension and light sex scenes which were tasteful and didn’t end up as one of the negative factors in this story-for me.

Overall, I recommend this book if you love protagonists who fall in love despite there differences, meet after several years and have lots of baggage..uhh, the emotional kind … and descriptions of Italy that will make you click that “Buy Ticket” button..well, if you’ve that kind of cash laying around

Thanks to the publisher for gifting me a copy in exchange for an honest review.



About Author:

Concerto by Hannah Fielding |author photo

Having already had huge success as one of the UK’s leading romance authors with total sales of over 130k, Concerto follows the award-winning success of Hannah Fielding’s previous novels Aphrodite’s TearsBurning Embers, Echoes of Love, Masquerade, Legacy and IndiscretionEchoes of Love won Romance Novel of the Year at the IPB Awards in 2012, Burning Embers was Amazon’s book of the month in 2011, and Hannah’s novels have been translated into 13 languages. With its spectacular setting and deep emotional drama, Concerto will appeal both to fans of her backlist, as well as lovers of atmospheric travel writing including Santa Montefiore, Penny Vincenzie, Victoria Hislop and Lucinda Riley. 

Egyptian by birth Hannah is fluent in French, English and Arabic and has lived all over the world. She currently lives between her writing retreat in the South of France and her rambling family home in Ireland.  Hannah’s grandmother, Esther Fanous, was the revolutionary feminist writer in Egypt during the early 1900s and helped found the Women’s Wafd Central Committee in 1920.

Blog Tour | Review: Concerto of Hannah Fielding

What do you think? Does Concerto sound like a book you’ll enjoy ? If you have read it already, then let me know if you liked it or not.

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