ARC Review: The Day We Met by Roxie Cooper

ARC Review: The Day We Met by Roxie Cooper


ARC Review: The Day We Met by Roxie Cooper
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The Day We Met by Roxie Cooper

Stephanie and Jamie are meant to be. The problem is they’re both with other people…

Stephanie doesn’t believe in fate, true love or living happily ever after. She’s content enough being engaged to Matt. But then she meets Jamie, who understands her more than anyone else ever has.

Jamie is happily married to his childhood sweetheart Helen and believes in everything Stephanie doesn’t. So why does he have such a strong connection with Stephanie?

When Stephanie and Jamie meet one fateful weekend in 2006 it will change everything…

Ten years. Two people. One epic love story.

Why should you read The Day We Met by Roxie Cooper? 

You don’t take enough risks, that’s your problem. Put everything you have out there. Your problem isn’t that you’ve failed … your problem is that you’re afraid to fail.

– The Day We Met, Roxie cooper


The Day We Met by Roxie Cooper is not an H-E-A romance as I had expected. Stephanie and Jamie meet at an art workshop. When Stephanie and Jamie meet over drinks and get to talking, they discover that they have an instant chemistry. What’s the problem? The problem is that Jamie is happily married to his childhood sweetheart and Stephanie is engaged.

They agree to remain as friends and meet again after a year and so forth, but they can’t help but think of each other every now and then. At this point, I was thinking that Jamie and Stephanie are clearly not happy with their partners. So why not divorce? Because life is rarely as simple as it was asking this question. A year later after that fateful meeting at the art workshop, Stephanie is now married and Jamie is well, still married and slightly frustrated but eager to see Stephanie.

Question is, do they cheat? No, they don’t cheat i.e. if you want to be technical, they don’t have sex.

Years go by as Jamie and his partner have a baby and so does Stephanie. Fate, it seems, intervenes again when Jamie moves near Stephanie’s home because of his partner’s work. At this point, it starts to get more difficult for the two of them to resist each other. What happens next ? You’ll have to find out for yourself.

What I didn’t love : Keeping in mind that I was reading an ARC, I felt some of the dialogues were unnecessary. I don’t like books where characters cheat on one another so this was extremely hard to read. I constantly fretted over the fact that they couldn’t divorce their spouses sooner and lied to them whenever they met.

What I loved: However, as the story progressed almost to the 75 or 80% mark, I started to understand them – their story – slowly. The author’s goal was to write about characters that are so unflinchingly broken and human that it’s difficult to remind myself that what I was reading was fiction or was it? Maybe it’s someone else’s story somewhere. When I finally got to read what I wanted, the story turned around and smacked me right in the face. The twist was brutal and I kept rooting for the couple as tears ran through my eyes.

Overall, I highly recommend this book If you’re looking for imperfect humans, character with depression, broken but beautiful romance “Nicholas Sparks” style, then I highly recommend you read The Day We Met by Roxie Cooper.

Thanks to Netgalley and the publisher for providing me an ARC in exchange for an honest review.

Verdict: 4 out of 5 glowing stars.

Author: Connect with Author Roxie Cooper here .

  • Publisher: Ebury Press(Fiction)
  • Publication Date(Paperback): 07 March 2019
  • Paperback(ARC): 464 Pages
ARC Review: The Day We Met by Roxie Cooper

Do you think you’ll read The Day We Met? Have you read any similar books? Let me know your thoughts in the comments below!

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  1. I feel like this book would probably make me uncomfortable but not necessarily in a bad way, it might just be too real in some ways and I think that’s great, I love books that can really make you think, I don’t usually read this sort of book but I think I may want to see if my library has it if nothing else.

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