Top Ten Tuesday – Characters I’d Like To Switch Places With

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Hi everyone! I’m back with my second Top Ten Tuesday post and this week’s prompt is to list the top 10 characters I’d like to switch places with.

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Top 10 Tuesday is a weekly meme hosted by Jana @ That Artsy Reader Girl.

I realized that I don’t really want to switch places with most of the characters I love so I added a twist of my own to this prompt. In this post, I’ll be listing the top 10 characters I’d love to be friends with.

Harry Potter Goodreads cover
  1. Luna Lovegood: Of course, Hermione was in my mind too. However, I love Luna’s character as well. Luna is such a carefree character that one can’t help but want to be friends with her.

Silver Shadows

2. Sydney Sage: Sydney is one of my favorite heroines. She is not only a brilliant woman but is fierce, loyal and brave. I can’t gush enough about her.

The Priory of the orange tree

  3. Tané: I love all the characters in The Priory but Tané who is a dragon rider. I love dragons so I’d definitely want to be friends with her

Cassandra Clare

  4 & 5. Emma Carstairs and Isabelle Lightwood: I love both of these badass women and I’d love to be friends with them

Winter of the witch

6. Vasya: This woman has gone through so much and she never backed down. I badly want to be friends with her.

Sarah J. Maas

 7. Feyre: I don’t love Feyre that much but I definitely want to hang out with Rhysand and the rest of the gang

Pride and Prejudice

  8. Elizabeth Bennet: I’d definitely see her and I becoming the best of friends.

We Hunt the Flame

9. Zafira: Zafira is a huntress in a place where women were forbidden to do so. I love Zafira and the rest of the gang from We Hunt The Flame so I’d definitely want to be friends with her.

The Cruel Prince

10. Jude: Okay, just hear me out. Jude is not one of my top favorite characters but I would love to spend a day in fae land and hang out with some of the characters ..even if I might not come out of there alive or sane.

That’s a wrap on today’s Top Ten Tuesday post featuring top 10 characters I’d love to be friends with. I’m sure there are many other characters that deserve a place in this list but I couldn’t remember them all.

Thank you for reading

Do you like the choices I made? Would you want to be friends with any of them ? or, would you like to switch places with any of them ?  Let me know in the comments below!

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20 thoughts on “Top Ten Tuesday – Characters I’d Like To Switch Places With”

  1. Vasya is just the best. Full stop. I’m a sucker for stories of girls going against gender norms and doing their own thing. And I’m looking forward to Priory very much but my copy is still not here 😦

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  2. I actually haven’t read too many of these or completed all of these series so its hard for me to say completely. As much as I love Luna, I wouldn’t want to BE her until the end when she really gains her gusto because people don’t take her seriously for such a long time. Yes, she does have off the wall ideas, but then when she truly is right (and she really is smart, afterall), no one listens to her.

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  3. Oh gosh. Hmmm. If I could trade places with a character in the ACOTAR series, I think I’d choose either Feyre or Mor. Feyre because we know her story and she’s badass in her Feyre way. Or Mor, because Mor is badass in her own right, but also because of what she said about her own sexuality in ACOWAR.

    Great post! I just might have to do this myself.☺️

    Liked by 1 person

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