A hilarious tale of Royals and…animals| Review of My Lady Jane by C, ​B,& J


Synopsis: Edward (long live the king) is the King of England. He’s also dying, which is inconvenient, as he’s only sixteen and he’d much rather be planning for his first kiss than considering who will inherit his crown…

Jane (reads too many books) is Edward’s cousin, and far more interested in books than romance. Unfortunately for Jane, Edward has arranged to marry her off to secure the line of succession. And there’s something a little odd about her intended…

Gifford (call him G) is a horse. That is, he’s an Eðian (eth-y-un, for the uninitiated). Every day at dawn he becomes a noble chestnut steed—but then he wakes at dusk with a mouthful of hay. It’s all very undignified.

The plot thickens as Edward, Jane, and G are drawn into a dangerous conspiracy. With the fate of the kingdom at stake, our heroes will have to engage in some conspiring of their own. But can they pull off their plan before it’s off with their heads?

Review: My Lady Jane is a hilarious historical fiction-cum-fantasy book.MLJ is the first book in a series written by three authors: Cynthia Hand, Brodi Ashton, and Jodi Meadows.

I loved this book so frickin’ much! My Plain Jane, the second book in the series was recommended to me and naturally, I thought to read the first book before. I am so glad I picked it up!

**You need not read My Lady Jane first, to read the My Lady Jane. They are both standalones.

“My lady,” he said gallantly, “I’m willing to stop whenever you are. Perhaps you’d be better off sticking to more womanly pursuits, like embroidery or music or-“
She bashed him in the ribs.

This is a story set during the reign of young Edward Tudor or Edward VI. Most of us,know Jane Grey as “the Nine Days” Queen, and who lost her head. This book retells history . It tells us the story of what should have been.MLJ is told from three different perspectives: Jane Grey, her husband Gifford Dudley and Edward’s.

Although the authors took liberties with the characters’ stories, they were pretty upfront about it. They even do an interlude at the beginning of Part 2 to advise readers they’re going to make even further departures from historical facts. The more modification, the more hilarity ensues.

“No horse jokes,” he said.
“My lord, I apologize for the horse joke. If you put down the book—unharmed!—I will give you a carrot.”
He brandished the book at her. “Was that a horse joke?”
“Was that a horse joke?”

In this alternate version of England, we see a war between Verities and Eðians instead of the infamous divide between Protestants and Catholics in the real version. Eðians are humans who can transform into animals, some willingly while others unwillingly.

I loved Lady Jane because I could relate to her because she is a bookish gal like myself!

She delighted in the smell of the ink, the rough feel of the paper between her fingers, the rustle of sweet pages, the shapes of letters before her eyes.

Surprisingly, I loved Gifford and Edward as well. Gifford or ‘G’ is Gifford Dudley is such a likable character that I immediately googled him. I shouldn’t have.

I loved Edward because he had a character development from a sexist naive king to a not-sexist(I think) and wise thinker.

Edward couldn’t imagine his cousin Jane with a husband and a child, even though she was sixteen years old and sixteen was a bit spinsterish, by the standards of the day.

Besides the lively characters, you’ll find mocking sexist attitudes and ridiculous social traditions of the 16th century upper classes. It has a ridiculously beautiful plot. If you like craziness, hilarity, royal backstabbing, secrets, then you’ll love this book. There wasn’t a moment when the humor felt forced, or the writing felt overwhelmed.

After this perfection, I can’t wait to read My Plain Jane written by the trio.

Verdict: This one gets 4½ out of 5 stars from me.

Author: Find authors Cynthia Hand,Brodi Ashton, and Jodi Meadows on Goodreads.

  • Publisher: HarperTeen
  • Publication Date: June 2016
  • Paperback: 491 Pages

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